Does branding really matter?

Does branding really matter?

Does branding really matter? 1000 667 platmarketing

Your brand is the story of your business. It sets you apart and is your opportunity to tell your customers what’s different about you. If you don’t believe in your brand, neither will they!

When developing your business’ brand strategy is important to be critical, be bold, be direct – if you have diversified your product/service range, are a new business or just feel your brand no longer reflects how you do business, you need care about your brand and the way it is percieved.

Shine bright in your marketplace – in a competitive market you need to be sure your brand is relevant, visible and engages your audience in the right way.

Branding is so much more that a pretty graphic

When you think about your brand, you really want to think about your entire client experience. It encompasses everything from your logo, your website and social media experiences to the way your customers experience your products.

In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you, your story, and how they FEEL about it.

To create a great brand and differentiate yourselves within your marketplace, it must be developed strategically to give the brand solid strategic foundations moving forward.

Get it right – early

If your brand falls short you need to take action and get back in the race, so it’s really important to get your brand strategy right in the early stages of business inception.

A strong brand creates trust and makes emotional connections with your customer making their buying decision easier. It’s all about value, perceived benefits and immediate distinction from your competitors.

What brand archetype are you

Generally, brands will fall into 1 of 12 established brand archetypes. Think of a fictional characters that is created according to broadly defined characteristics that help us, the audience, understand their actions. Well, a brand archetype is a way of presenting a brand – its symbology, values, behaviours, messages – as a persona, thus making it more recognisable and relatable to target audiences.

Understanding which brand archetype your business brand aligns to assist in developing your brand story, it’s associated values and desired perceptions from your audience.

Discover your brand personality

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