Nurture your leads through the sales funnel with eMail Marketing

Nurture your leads through the sales funnel with eMail Marketing

Nurture your leads through the sales funnel with eMail Marketing 1000 667 platmarketing

eMail marketing has come a long way in recent times.  Many businesses use eNewsletters as a way to keep their brand top-of-mind with a targeted audience (as this email hopefully does), through newsworthy content.  The email marketing channel remains a relevant strategy for achieving brand awareness for a business, but it can also achieve so much more.

Automated your nurturing emails

Most (good) graphical email dissemination software, such as MailChimp or Campaign Manager, have an Automation function which ensures your emails get to the right people at the right time. It allows you to target customers based on their behaviour on your website or on date of receipt of an email. It triggers a series of emails to prospects based on time, e.g. an email sent every 7 days after the submission of a website inquiry form. Or, specific emails based on their behaviour on your website, e.g.  a reminder email sent 2 days after they abandoned a shopping cart on the website.

This is powerful lead nurturing marketing that can effectively move the potential client/customer through the purchasing process towards a sale.

B2B lead nurturing works

There are obvious benefits of this for consumer-based businesses that have sophisticated shopping carts on their websites and who are moving a lot of product.  But it can also work very well in the Business-to-business environment.

For example, simple code can be established between your CRM and your Mailchimp account, so that each time you add a new prospect to your database a lead nurturing email campaign is triggered as follows:

Day 0 – Email 1: Welcome email with a high-level overview of the business.

Day +5 – Email 2:  More in-depth information about a specific product or service.

Day +12 – Email 3: Project case study

Day +21 – Email 4: Information about a service focusing on client benefits.

Day +36 – Email 5: Value Statements about the business

….and so on.

This process will keep your business top-of-mind whilst effectively educating them of the value of your business to them and moving every closer towards that sale.

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