Strategy & Planning

Spending time on planning your business’ marketing
will ensure a greater return on the marketing dollars spent.

Whatever your marketing budget, we have a marketing plan package to suit you.

Starting with the highly-affordable ‘Essential Marketing Package’ to the prescriptive ‘Platinum Promotional Plan’.

01. Brand Strategy

Your brand is the story of your business. It sets you apart, and is your opportunity to tell your customers what’s different about you. If you don’t believe in your brand, neither will they!

Platinum Mix’ Brand Strategy Workshops are an opportunity for everyone in your business to get on board and involved in developing your brand.  The strategy workshops will ensure you have a strong brand that creates trust and makes emotional connections with your customer making their buying decision easier. It’s all about value, perceived benefits and immediate distinction from your competitors.

02. The Essential Marketing Package

This very affordable package provides businesses with the fundamentals to undertake targeted marketing to specific market segments.

This package will help you identify market segments, define promotional messages and recommend specific communication channels for your business which will allow you to spend your marketing $ wisely.

03. Marketing Strategy

We understand that in this current economic climate many businesses need to find a new direction when it comes to marketing and promoting their business – but don’t necessarily have the resources to pay for an expensive detailed marketing plan. A fresh new thinking and approach to marketing can stimulate new sales and growth in a business that feels they have exhausted current marketing channels

04. A Platinum Promotional Plan

Many businesses require a solution to planning their marketing activities which may include the recommendation of a multi-channel marketing strategies specific to their business and target markets and a marketing budget, providing them with a consistent and methodical approach to their marketing activities and spend at an affordable price.

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